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Press Release

PlanGap and Insurex Announce Strategic Reinsurance Partnership

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Partnership to Architect Reinsurance Solutions for PlanGap® Social Security Protection Products

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PlanGap, a financial product innovation company pioneering Social Security Protection, and Insurex have announced a strategic partnership to architect reinsurance solutions for the Social Security Protection marketplace.

The recently released 2021 Social Security Trustees Report highlights the dire condition of the Social Security Trust Fund and the need for better solutions as funds continue to deteriorate. By 2033, the payroll taxes collected are projected to pay only about 76 percent of scheduled benefits. Social Security statements disclose that benefit amounts may be reduced because of this projected funding shortfall.

“For most Americans, Social Security represents the foundation of their retirement plan,” said David Duley, PlanGap’s Founder and CEO. “Our reinsurance strategy will allow our carrier partners to broaden the solutions they are able to offer to their clients.”

According to the most recent Social Security Confidence Survey, conducted after the 2021 Trustees Report was published, 7 out of 10 Americans age 45+ doubt they will receive their full Social Security benefits as promised. The primary concern is that if Social Security benefits are reduced as disclosed by the Social Security Administration, a 24% reduction could derail a majority of retirement plans. PlanGap® Social Security Protection, provided by highly rated insurance carriers, puts Americans back in control of their retirement income.

“The team at PlanGap has created a transformational change in the insurance industry,” said Fred Jonske, Managing Partner for Insurex and former President and CEO of M Financial Group. “This is a new category of risk for reinsurance that is not correlated to mortality or asset risk. We are excited to work with PlanGap’s suite of intellectual property related to Social Security Protection.” While at M Financial, Jonske and his team built the world’s largest producer-owned reinsurance enterprise.

“PlanGap is committed to partnering with the greatest minds in insurance, reinsurance, and finance to make PlanGap® Social Security Protection solutions more accessible to the American public,” said Richard Drye, PlanGap’s Managing Director. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the incredibly talented group at Insurex.”

About PlanGap:

Headquartered in Atlanta and founded in 2017, PlanGap is a product innovation company creating a suite of “trigger-based” annuity and life insurance products – retirement insurance – that solve previously unaddressed financial concerns for retirees. PlanGap, through its collaboration with market leading insurance carriers and distribution partners, empowers people to protect themselves against disruptions to their retirement income, providing solutions for those worried that institutions have made retirement promises they cannot, or will not, keep. Visit for more information.

About Insurex:

Insurex leverages the judgement and integrity of its strategic thought leaders and builds upon their historic success. The partners’ depth of knowledge extends from strategic direction, reinsurance, mergers and acquisitions, insurtech solutions, capital markets, product manufacturing and distribution alternatives. Visit for more information.

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