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Join our growing roster of partners in the industry. We provide product, process and platform solutions for our partners to grow with us.

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PlanGap is working to put people back in control of their retirement. We develop PlanGap insurance products to keep retirement plans on track and allow people to sleep better at night with the knowledge their Social Security is protected.

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Clients want to work with insurance companies who will address their retirement concerns. Position your business on the leading-edge by providing retirement security to America’s retirees. PlanGap provides end-to-end solutions to help meet the various needs of carriers and reinsurers. Social Security protection can be developed as a standalone policy or incorporated into the design of any existing life or annuity products – either into the features of the base policy, or bolted on as a value-added rider.

PlanGap Insights Dashboard

PlanGap Insights brings a next-level suite of intelligent and predictive data to help insurers and reinsurers make informed decisions. The PlanGap Advisory System helps carriers and reinsurers stay informed of Social Security changes and receive carrier guidance with effects on claims, updates, and simulations to keep control of your book of business.

Informed Decisions. Robust Planning. More Control.

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